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Bots have come a long way since their inception when they were basically a robot that you could chat with. Even then, conversations were pretty basic but the original bots could, at least, retrieve information, send you alerts or even play games with you. With the increasing popularity and complexity of video games, bots have found their niche and are now used for a variety of purposes. There are bots that basically imitate how a human would play a game and are mainly written for first-person shooters. These bots can play against each other or against humans and advanced versions can learn the behaviour of the opponent and even the layout of complex games. Other bots are used in massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG) such as Runescape to perform repetitive, time-consuming tasks, enabling the human player to get on with more exciting stuff. EpicBot is one of the most sophisticated bots available for Runescape and claims to be virtually undetectable.

Software Review

EpicBot helps you up the Runescape levels - but it’s risky

The use of bots in MMORPG games is not exactly legal and, if discovered, you may be banned from further participation in a particular game. As a result, the creators of EpicBot have tried to make it as invisible as possible. EpicBot is an intelligent application that can operate in multiple games, namely Darkscape, Old School and RuneScape™ 3. While the creators claim EpicBot has been thoroughly scanned by a range of anti-virus programs, it has come under some serious criticism for contaminating their devices, stealing personal information and getting them banned from their favourite games. The use of any bot is potentially dangerous, and it seems EpicBot is no different, despite claims to contrary. Many of the problems seem to originate from a program called Relevant Knowledge that is downloaded with EpicBot. Be aware of this possible virus and check for its presence if you download EpicBot, you can then simply remove it and carry on as before. EpicBot have recently released DarkBot which is a fully functional bot and the first released for DarkScape. This bot can assist players with combat, chopping and mining and help them to speed up the levels at a faster rate, making the game even more exciting. DarkBot is free and has been created with top-quality scripts. Of course, that doesn’t make it 100% safe but if you’re a Darkscape enthusiast who simply can’t resist a shot at the top, then go for it. Remember – forewarned is forearmed.


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